Forms and Documents

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Chain of Custody Form (Asbestos Testing)

The purpose of the Chain of Custody form is to ensure that the sample has been in possession of, or secured by, a responsible person at all times.The chain of custody procedure starts with sample collection and follows through to the destruction of the sample. The field labels with red color are necessary information for processing whereas the green color field labels is optional information. If you would like a fast turnaround time, please contact us. U.S. EPA 600/R‐93/116 (LOD <1%) method is widely used to determine asbestos concentration in samples. If you would like a statistically analysis utilizing EPA Point Count Method then carefully mark the  Asbestos Point Count Method under analysis section on Chain of Custody with appropriate counts. The higher the count  the lower the Limit of Detection. If you live in California & plan to select the Point Count Method then you must select 1000 points due to state requirements, if you live in another state please contact your local pollution control board, in most states 400 points is acceptable.  Please call us for any questions and clarifications.

Chain of Custody Form (Mold, Lead Testing)

Chain of Custody for Lead in Paint & Mold Testing.

Lead in Water, TTLC, STLC & TCLP Chain of Custody Form

Chain of Custody for Lead in Water Testing, TTLC, STLC &TCLP

Air Monitoring Field Data Sheet

Air Monitoring Data Sheet.

Consumer Products Chain of Custody Form

Chain of Custody for Consumer Products Testing.

Credit Application

The requested services will start once the payment is received.  Businesses, professionals and Contractors seeking to apply for a line of credit with AIH Laboratory must complete this application. The information on the application is used to determine the borrower’s credit history, and their ability to repay the loan amount. Please contact us to obtain the application.

Credit Card Authorization Form

Complete this form if you wish to pay for services using Visa or MasterCard Card. All fields must be completed before we can process your requests. Incomplete form will result in delay of your services and we will not responsible for any delays.

NVLAP Certificate

Download AIH Laboratory NVLAP (Lab Code: 500079-0) Certificate.

AIHA Accreditation

Download AIH Laboratory AIHA Accreditation.

ELAP Accreditation

Download AIH Laboratory ELAP Accreditation.

Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation

Accreditation Number 108643; Certificate Number L20-137