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Note: Maximum number of samples is 30.
The images are reference only.

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Click here to access Chain of Custody. Please print two copies and save one for your reference.
(You need to have Adobe Reader installed on your device to view the chain of custody)

Note: If you were unable to access the chain of custody,
please complete the appropriate Chain of Custody in Forms and Documents, and send along with your samples.

Shipping Guideline

Please include the following in your shipping envelope:
  1. Chain of Custody Form
  2. Properly labeled samples in a Ziploc bag.
  3. Affix Proper Postage (Note: Per USPS, if mail is not completely flat, it will be considered parcel mail and will require additional fee)
  4. Mail the samples via your preferred carrier to the address below:

AIH Laboratory
2556 West Woodland Dr
Anaheim, CA 92801
Phone: (562) 860-2201