Manual Method for Paying and Mailing Samples

Step 1: Complete the Chain of Custody ( Click the link to download the form. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document).  OR  If you do not have a printer then provide us your Name, Phone Number Email Address and Home address on a piece of paper. Indicate if you wish to have the samples tested for asbestos.

Step 2: Label the sample bags properly

Step 3: Calculate the cost of sample analysis. ( Base rates 5-Day/sample  is $22.00). Any additional Layer is $22.00/Layer (if applicable). Also, we have 1-hr, 2-hr, 4-hr, 8-hr, 24-hr available. Call us for the price information.

Step 4: Write a check to AIH Laboratory for the Calculated Cost

Step 5: Place the samples, Chain of Custody and Check into an Envelope

Step 6: Affix appropriate postage onto the Envelope or use your preferred carrier for mailing the samples

Note: Please pay proper postage fee in order to get the samples processed in timely manner. Per USPS, the envelope has to be completely flat, otherwise it will be considered parcel mail.

Step 7: Mail the samples to:

AIH Laboratory

2556 West Woodland Dr

Anaheim, CA 92801