For Friable Material (material can be crushed into powder by hand)

Take extra precaution when sampling a friable material. This includes insulation material, textured paint, popcorn ceiling etc

•Acoustic Ceiling

If the area covered by (popcorn ceiling) material is more than 1,000 Square feet, it is strongly recommended that you collect at least three samples from different locations.

•Planning Phase
•Before collecting a sample identify the area where you want to collect a samples. Put a few drops of detergent in a spray bottle. The mist created from this mixture will reduce the possibility of releasing of asbestos fibers. Make sure you have all tools, zip lock bags, Sharpie, Spray bottle and cleaning supplies at the location where you’re planning to collect the sample. It is important that you shut down any heating or cooling systems to minimize contamination of airborne fibers throughout the house.
•Sample Collection

Sample only 1 tea spoon (please no more than 2 teaspoon per sample) of the suspect material. Lightly spray the suspect material using spray bottle with detergent mixture. Cleaning and Contamination Control

•Clean the sample bag with a moist paper towel. Similarly clean all the tools involved in sample collection process with moist paper towel. Collect all the waste material in plastic bag and dispose of properly.